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2015-06-15 - Zaproszenie na wykłady w ramach tegorocznej konferencji PnN

W tym roku, w ramach konferencji Polacy nad Nilem, mamy przyjemność zaprosić na cztery wykłady zagranicznych gości:


godz. 18.00–19.00

Janet Johnson, "Cleopatra as stateswoman"



godz. 18.00

Ch.Gaubert & J-M. Mouton,"Les archives des Banu Bifam et leur apport pour la connaissance du Fayyoum fatimide"

The Fayoum Oasis in Egypt has revealed many papyrological documents considered as unique testimonies on greco-roman Antiquity and the Middle Ages. In 1997, an exceptionnal finding - a complete family archive from the fatimid period - was discovered at the Naqlun excavations conducted by the Polish Center of Archaeology in the Mediterrenean. It consists of about fifty documents on both parchemin and paper. Containing juristic and fiscal documents as well as commercial letters all belonging a rich coptic farmer named Ǧirǧah b. Bifām and his brothers, the archive reflects the constitution during twenty years of a property of houses, orchards and lands. These documents reveal many informations on persons, toponyms, village life data and community relationships. Joined together with other papyrological information from the neighbouring villages, this documentation allows an immersion in the daily life in rural Fayyoum around the year 1000, when huges christian communities still existed. But the slow arabization process is underway in the Fayoum villages, as Bedoin populations slowly became the new local elites thanks to their land properties and the protection rights they demand.

Naim Vanthieghem, "What next after the archive of the Banu Bifam? Some interesting Arabic documents of the monastery of Naqlun"



godz. 18.00

Donald Whitcomb, "A Cosmopolitan City:  Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Old Cairo"


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